Life Offering

To the Sacred Heart

Through the Immaculate Heart

A call to be a quiet modern apostle (Excerpt)

THE following messages, prayers, and promises were received by a privileged Hungarian nun, (Sister Dolores, Elizabeth Krizsan, who died in 1998 at the age of 96); a consoling soul, who in her humility and obedience to her spiritual director wished to remain anonymous while on earth.

Mary, Our Heavenly Mother, implores those who receive Holy Communion daily, or at least weekly, to offer their lives for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls, that the souls of sinners may not be damned but receive, at least at their last hour, the graces of eternal life.

The five promises of Our Heavenly Mother to those who offer their lives to Her

“Their names will be written in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, inflamed by love.

Their life offering, together with the infinite merits of Jesus, can save many souls from damnation. All souls who will live until the end of the world will benefit from their life offering.

“None of their family members will go to hell, even if it seems otherwise, because they will receive in the depth of their soul the grace of sincere contrition before their soul departs from their body.

“On the day they offer their lives, their loved ones suffering in Purgatory will be released.

“I will be with them at the hour of their death. They will not know Purgatory. I will carry their souls straight to the presence of the Glorious Trinity, where they will live with me in a special place created by God, and will rejoice forever.”

Text of the Life Offering (1955)

“My dear Jesus, before the Trinity, Our Heavenly Mother, and the whole Heavenly Court, united with your most precious Sacred Blood and your sacrifice on Calvary, I hereby offer my whole life for the intention of Your Sacred Heart and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Together with my life I place at your disposal all Holy Masses, all my Holy Communions, all my good deeds, and my sacrifices, and the sufferings of my entire life for the adoration and supplication of the Holy Trinity, for unity in our Holy Mother Church, for the Holy Father and for priests, for good priestly vocations, and for all souls until the end of the world.

O my Jesus, please accept my life sacrifice and my offerings and give me your grace, that I may persevere obediently until my death. Amen.”

* * *

This life offering must be made with humble heart, firm resolution, and clear intent. All prayer, good deeds, suffering, and work done with pure intention have great merit, if they are offered together with the merits, the sufferings, and the blood of Jesus Christ.

It is recommended that you make this life offering as soon as you feel ready, and renew it from time to time.

* * *

The following are excerpts from the messages received by the privileged soul.

Our Lady to those who offer their lives:

“If the Eternal Father chooses to give a soul the grace of being among the elect, He will order that soul to become similar to His Only-Begotten Son while on earth, but in what way should this soul be like His Son? In love and acceptance of sufferings. If you follow your Jesus in these two ways, then the Eternal Father will recognize His Holy Son in you.

“Souls chosen by the Eternal Father to offer their lives must strive to save as many other souls as possible. This can be done through fervent prayer, through the practice of love, through meekness, humility and self-denial, but above all through the patient acceptance of sufferings. I believe that my motherly Heart will find among my children souls who love God with the love of the martyrs.

“My children, during the greatest trials, hold my motherly hand with unbounded trust. Come together with me to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He is your strength on your earthly pilgrimage. Thus, strengthened by Him daily, you will march toward your eternal dwelling place of happiness, where you will recognize each other in glorious ecstasy, you who sacrificed your lives for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Then my Holy Son will embrace you to his flaming Heart, and He will immerse you in the ecstasy of the united love of the Trinity. In this state of eternal bliss you will rejoice forever, together with those souls who were able to gain eternal life, because of your selfless life sacrifice.

“No matter how heavy your suffering on earth, it will last but a short time. Rejoice while you suffer, because you are pro-ceeding toward a sure goal, and at the end of this road your Heavenly mother is waiting for you, to embrace you with the eternal love of the Trinity.

“My children who offer your lives, make the act of contrition every day! Make it not only for yourselves but for all men. This will continually weaken the power of evil to tempt, and will help all souls to free themselves from the slavery of sin.

“If you continually practice contrition for others, this will act as an antiseptic to arrest the spread of the “virus” of sin. It will stop the infection, illness and death of souls. See how great the power of sincere contrition is, if it comes from the depths of the heart? It can heal, cleanse and save the life of the soul.

“In addition to contrition for the whole of humanity, unite yourself with My Immaculate Heart to storm heaven with prayers, for the pardon of sins. Thus you will become united with me, and become genuine and intimate helpers of Jesus as fishers of men.”

Prayer of Contrition

O my Jesus, I love you over and above everything! For the love of you I am sorry for all my sins. O merciful love, I ask pardon for the sins of the world.

United with the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother, I ask pardon for all my sins, and for all the sins of my brothers and sisters, that have been and will be committed until the end of the world.

My dear Jesus, united with your Holy Wounds, I offer my life to the Eternal Father, according to the intention of the Sorrowful Mother.

Virgin Mary, Queen of the world, Mediatrix of humanity, our only refuge and hope, pray for us!

* * *

Our Lady: “My children! Abandon yourselves totally to the will of God, and then He will give you everything! Hold my maternal hand with confidence, and then we stay together forever!”

“If the number of those who offer their lives were multiplied, this would shorten the time of waiting for the promised victory, and the peace that will follow it.

Abandon yourselves totally to the will of God, and then He will give you everything! Hold my maternal hand with confi-dence, and then we stay together forever!” “My children! I am calling you to apostolic privilege. You are chosen to suffer mar-tyrdom of the heart for the sins of others. And by this voluntary life-sacrifice—coming from your good heart-- God will be able to pour out the flood of His mercy. Think about that!

“My beloved children! If you carry patiently the little thorn from the cross of my Son that he has given to you, you can save countless souls from eternal damnation. Thus holding the hand of your Heavenly Mother, you too will partake in the work of redemption.

My children! Do not ask for sufferings, but always accept with humility and selflessness those that the Lord hands to you.

Jesus (Sept. 24, 1971)

“My Children! The fate of my Church is always in my Heart, since I promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against her. I still have many good and true priests, but many discarded the cloth of election. In place of the unfaithful, disloyal priests, I created my fishers of souls! These are the priests of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, who were called by the Lord of the harvest to work quietly for souls and for the glory of God. Even if there is a shortage of priests—and so it seems—a multitude of souls will escape damnation, because instead of the disloyal priests, there stands the life offering of love!”

Our Heavenly Mother (Sept. 24, 1955)

The feast of Our Lady of Ransom

“My children who are carrying the cross of illness! The sacrifice of your patient sufferings becomes a great act and a giant source of energy to convert souls. With this noble cur-rency you can pay for the most offending sins. Thus together with your Lady of Ransom you can free the slaves of sin, even hardened sinners, chained by the evil one, so that by becoming free, they may find their way to their Father's house. My child-ren who suffer from illness: Your strength has to come from the knowledge that you are the most effective co-workers of my Holy Son. Quietly, without notice, you help the triumphant renewal of Holy mother Church, and also help the multitude of souls reach the gate of salvation. Knowing this, you should rejoice while suffering, because great and everlasting happiness awaits you in Heaven!”

Our Lady (Sept. 20, 1986)

“My children! Make sure that the great grace of the life offering will reach the souls who suffer greatly in body or in soul. It must reach the incurably sick, the physically handi-capped, and the bedridden, so that their suffering will not be in vain! This suffering can become a fund of gold for all humanity, as well as for yourselves, because in your hearts and souls you will receive peace, strength, relief, and satisfaction, if you realize that patient acceptance of your sufferings will bring you great happiness in heaven!”

The seer: I have obeyed this request of Our Lady, and I communicated this request to suffering souls… I can say from my own experience that their suffering was greatly lessened, when they accepted the graces that accompanied their life offering.

Prayer of the Sick Recommended by Our Lady

“My Jesus, I know that You love me, and You love particularly those who are sick or suffering. I ask, if it is possible to take away this chalice of suffering, but I say with You, “not my will but thine be done,” as You said in the Garden of Gethsemane. My Jesus, strengthen and console me. Our Heavenly Mother, healer of the sick, pray for me to your Holy Son. Amen.”

Our Lady (October 27, 1987)

“My children! Those who offer their lives should pray the Rosary daily! This is the most evangelical prayer. The Creed is the prayer of the Church. The Lord himself taught the Apostles the Our Father. The Hail Mary is the message of the Father, indicating that the time of redemption has arrived.

Our Lady (January 11, 1988)

“My dear children! You have read that I call those to offer their lives who love God and their fellow man with the love of the martyrs. Only those with self-sacrificing love can give their lives for others to realize the holy intentions.

“First among these holy intentions is the adoration and consolation of the Holy Trinity for all the ingratitude, for the many profanities, and the great multitude of the sins of the world.

“The second holy intention is the prayer for unity, which my Holy Son prayed thus: 'That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee…” (John 17:21). Do you see, my children, how hard Satan is working to destroy unity between the priesthood and the flock, and in families between men and women and between parents and children! Satan works to take away peace, and to stir up trouble all over the world. We have to launch a counterattack for the victory of unity.

“The third holy intention is to pray for your fallen and faithless human brothers. If with your life-offering you could save another soul beside your own and help another soul to get to Heaven, you were not born in vain!

“Then you should think about your loved ones! Because God cannot be surpassed in generosity and mercy. Meditate on the teaching of my Holy Son: 'For what doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul?' (Matt. 16:26). My children! Abandon yourselves totally to the will of God, and then He will give you everything! Hold my maternal hand with confidence, and then we stay together forever!”

“Get strength for this life sacrifice from the Holy Eucharist… Be aware and distinguish between human bread and the bread that descended from heaven. Believe, with living faith, that Jesus indeed is really present in both His humanity and Divinity in the Holy Host… If you receive Him with living faith, you receive the sanctifying and helping graces of the Holy Spirit, together with His consoling joy and courage, to follow the Good Shepherd on the narrow but sure way to the Father.”

“If the number of those who offer their lives were multiplied, this would shorten the time of waiting for the promised victory and the peace that will follow it.

The treasures of your self-giving fall like myrrh on my heart, and from there they will flow as sweet fragrance to the Trinity, to help realize their holy intentions.

Together with Mary, our soul magnifies the Lord for ever and ever.

IMPRIMATUR by the local Bishop in Hungary. (The Bishop himself offered his life according to this request of Our Lady.) Written Imprimatur by the Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico.


I made this life offering about 18 years ago after I had fallen ill with ME/CFS. What followed was 13 years of being bedridden. I suffered a great deal, but what joy I knew. God gave me the grace to offer everything up with love. I am better now and have a Ministry. I will always be thankful to God for the many graces He gave me during my illness, and for making me a better person by it. Thanks for sharing this, I still pray the prayer each day. I am sure that anyone who would make this offering will find joy. God bless, Geoff -- Geoff Heggadon. June 1, 2013.

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